Wasp, aka Janet van Dyne, is a student at Avengers Academy. She is an aspiring fashion designer, and her shop, Van Dyne's Outfits, can be unlocked at Level 6, granting access to alternate costumes.


Rank Action Length Place Requires
1 Take Selfies 1m
1 Have A Blast 2m The Blasting Range
1 Create A Buzz 3m Quad
1 Plan Some Parties 4h Avengers Dorm
1 Greet The Public High-Fashion Wasp
1 Walk The Red Carpet High-Fashion Wasp
1 Lounge Around 4h Avengers Beach Tropical Wasp
1 Visit Your Castle 8h Avengers Beach Tropical Wasp
1 Blast From The Future 15m Retro-Futuristic Wasp
1 Say No To Gravity 4h Retro-Futuristic Wasp
2 Try To Study 30m The Timeless Archives
2 Study Fashion 1h* The Timeless Archives
2 Post Everywhere 2h The Timeless Archives
2 Try To Relax 8h Avengers Dorm
3 Work The Room 3m Club A
3 Get This Party Started 25m Club A Club A Stage 2
3 Text Everybody 45m
4 Study Entomology 3m The Timeless Archives
5 Keep It Cute

*Reduced by 45m with High-Fashion Wasp