Pepper Potts to the Rescue! was a part of Marvel's franchise-wide Women of Power event to celebrate their super hero women through the month of March as a nod to Women's History Month. The Academy heroes were divided into three teams - Red, Yellow and Purple - each granted a new action that allowed them to collect a Dossier of that colour. Once enough Dossiers had been collected, one hero was sent off to "craft", or collect, a Holo-Globe. The Dossiers were consumed in the process. Collecting 25 Holo-Globes before the time ran out allowed the player to recruit Pepper Potts in her Rescue armour.

The shard-dependent leg up for this event was the Recruitment Facility, one for each colour Dossier. According to the game the facilities were meant to assist Pepper build her Super Hero database faster. One Facility would spawn 3 Dossiers of its colour every 5 hours and cost 400 shards, up to 1200 shards for all three facilities available.

Teams and ActionsEdit

Team Red:
Iron Man: Develop the Stark Hero Register (4 hrs) Stark Tower
Falcon: Do A Recon Mission (3 hrs) Quad
Team Yellow:
Wasp: Text for Super Info (6 hrs) Quad
Enchantress: Research in the Secret Books (2 hrs) The Timeless Archives
Team Purple:
Black Widow: Hack S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Files (4 hrs) Stark Tower
Loki: Ask the Dark Spirits (2 hrs) Quad

Visit Super Recruits (3 hrs) The Quinjet Hangar

Quest ChainEdit

To the Rescue! (Limited Time!)

  • Invite Pepper Potts!
  • Recruit Pepper Potts!

She Means Business, Pt. 1
Iron Man: Tinker with Tech (1 hr)

She Means Business, Pt. 2
Wasp: Have a Blast! (2 min)
Wasp: Create a Buzz (3 min)

She Means Business, Pt. 3
Black Widow: Hack the System (2 min)

Super Recruit, Pt. 1
Black Widow: Search for Clues (1 min)
Loki: Wield Sorcery (1 min)

Super Recruit, Pt. 2

She Means Business, Pt. 3
Wasp: Text Super Recruits (10 min)

She Means Business, Pt. 4
Iron Man: Do Super-Science (3 min)